Our brand new studio situated in the country side outskirts of Desford is where you will work hard toward your life changing goals!


121 and couples personal training sessions are held at the studio along with consultations for all other services we can provide for you such as group training and mindfulness meditation.

Feel comfortable knowing that PT sessions held at the studio are based on a one2one service, just you alone, so you can truly work hard towards achieving your goals.

24059093_1904632809554324_6819331226899850993_n All 121 and couples sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and goals whether that is to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, improve your stamina/Cardio and decrease your resting heart rate or if you just want to be inspired with different ways of keepingfit and pushing your mind and body further than you ever thought you could.

27707325_10159808169125567_1632393598_oAll sessions are progressive and interesting, so your body never gets in a comfort zone. You’ll be pushed to your limits so you are getting the best out of each session, knowing you are making progress working towards your micro and macro goals.

Work harder than you ever have before, be pushed further then you ever have before, break through barriers that you never thought you could!!